Although her first language is Quechua, Elva Ambía Rebatta prioritized speaking Spanish and English after leaving Peru for the US.

Now in her seventies, Elva decides to help cultivate a Quechua-speaking community in New York City. Living Quechua follows Elva through the challenges and successes of trying to keep Quechua alive.
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What is Quechua?

Even though UNESCO says it's an endangered language, millions of people currently speak Quechua around the world. learn more >

San Francisco, Belgrade, Buenos Aires

Runasimiwan Kawsay has upcoming screenings at the San Francisco Latino Film Festival, the International Festival of Ethnological Film in Belgrade, Serbia, and the Festival Internacional del Cortometraje in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you're in these parts of the world, we hope you can attend. Please help us spread the word!

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